Our personal services are available day and night, all year round.

As part of our service we can also provide the use of Magh Ene Pastoral Centre in Bundoran where the deceased may repose until final removal. Here the traditional wake may be transferred whenever the situation in the family home deems it necessary. This modern facility provides a comfortable setting where friends and  relatives may visit and pay their last respects. Its use is of course dependent upon availability at the time.

Once you contact us we will consult with you to make arrangements in accordance with your wishes. For further information you may get in touch with us directly. All our contact details are available on our contacts page.




Coffins & Caskets



Burial Plots and Graves 

Flowers & Wreaths 


Masses & Services 

Headstones & Inscriptions

Death Notices -

Repatriation -

Music -

we arrange removal times to the Church from the home or hospital 

we supply a hearse and driver and it is available at all times

we supply a wide range of coffins and caskets. including Italian  coffins, wicker baskets, as well as more traditional type, to suit the individual choice

there are a number of crematoriums to choose from in Ireland

on occasion we perform this service when asked

we can make arrangements with local priest or minister to
acquire a grave and facilitate its opening and final burial

we supply a large selection of fresh and silk flowers

we provide a high standard of presentation with embalming carried out by our highly experienced and qualified embalmers

we make arrangements for times and consult with you and clergy regarding the service or mass. Any special requests made can usually be accommodated

we have a local sculpturer who can produce headstones
with inscription to a high art

we enter death notices with newspapers, local and national as well as the radio stations

this can be done from or to any part of the world

funeral choir available
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